Coming soon…Boys ‘Alphabet in Blue’

Alphabet in Blue currently in development. So far some of the motifs used are aeroplanes, sea-life, ‘monsters’ and the great outdoors. Someone has suggested Robots. For a free letter post as a comment your idea for a motif or subject and we will incorporate it into the artwork (as long as its a sensible suggestion!!). Say what letter you would like to see it on and if it is not one that has already been done and it is possible then we will do our best to incorporate it into that particular letter.. Even better if you have children ask them (since normally they have better ideas).

We will then send you a printout of whichever letter you request (postcard size or slightly larger to fit an ikea frame (see link here – but please dont stay on the ikea page, come back here!). The alphabet may take a while to develop so you might not get your letter straight away but as soon as it is done we will send it.

We will close this offer when we have a good few suggestions (probably 10 or so).

Name PrintChristening Ideas

Letter Print

16 thoughts on “Coming soon…Boys ‘Alphabet in Blue’

    • Thanks Polly, nice idea :-) I will put a print of S in the post. I am considering doing a second version so that one might well have boats, Bella

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks, good idea. I maybe able to incorporate some kind of animal/ animals into G so I will post you the result when its done!


  1. Hi Bella,

    Sophie told me about your site. I have a 2 year old called
    Lenny who loves pirates and any kind of big truck – tractors, diggers, steam rollers. At the moment he is obsessed with bin lorries!

    Tess x

    • Thanks Tess, Ill send you an L when I have finished the alphabet..about to get working on it now! like bin lorries, would not have thought of this myself!


  2. My friend Alice in France has 2 boys… they like dinosaurs (Raphy), Bey Blade spin tops (Raphy again), and fire engines (Sam)

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