Great Books on Art and Design – Book Two

books on design

This post is a list of great books on design and art. If you have a book to add please let us know.


‘Colour’ by Victoria Finlay. I read this when I was visiting my friend Louisa Whitfield in kenya. It covers a wide spectrum of the use of colour in art and society throughout history and make a fascinating read.

Art books on Colour


Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East by Venetia Porter

British Library Exhibitions and Books

I was reminded about this book recently as I walked past (and briefly visited) an exhibition of some of the paintings in it. I have this book – even though for some reason I put it in storage. Not sure why, since it is one of my favourite..something to look forward to I guess!. The book describes the paintings that were part of an exhibition at the British Library with the same title in 2006.

From the description of the book: ‘One of the underlying themes is various artists’ engagement with Arabic as script and language’. I would recommend Word into Art to anyone interested in the art of the Middle East, calligraphy, or just looking for inspiration from paintings and images full of life.

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