Blue and White Ceramics

I remembered how much I love blue and white ceramics when I walked past a blue and white cornish stripey jug in the window of my local charity shop the other day. To celebrate this classic colour combination for ceramics here is an eclectic mix of examples both new and old.

According to wikipedia cobalt blue decorations seem to have originated from the middle east in the 9th century. From here it was fully developed with porcelain technology in China in the 14th century. Chinese blue and white ware were copied in Europe from the 16th century. Most people are probably familiar with classic designs from Stoke on Trent. The last image here shows the Johnson Brothers Blue Denmark. But to start with some more contemporary designs..

First up is The Johnnie Walker 1910 Commemorative Special Edition Bottle range from LOVE. 1000 exclusive bottles were produced to mark the launch of the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai. ‘Fashioned in willow pattern porcelain, these re-imaginations of the iconic square bottle fuse Scottish and Chinese cultures and celebrate Johnnie Walker’s pioneering and epic voyage across oceans and continents’. (see LOVE website)

LOVE ceramic bottles

LOVE special edition bottles

LOVE Johnnie Walker Bottles

Second from old favourites Marimekko is the Siirtolapuutarha Blue and White 8′ Plate from Maija Louekari (2009). Taking inspiration from nature this pattern depicts the center of a sunflower.

marimekko plate

The next one, Hermes Blues D’ailleurs in an assortment of different patterns to mix and match from looks like a kind of tidy pile of moroccan tiles when stacked.

graceful nomadic blue

Hermes Bleus d'Ailleurs Ceramics


From Bristol based Hanne Rysgaard these brilliant ceramic milk bottles. There are other colours too which you can view on her website. I want the small one!

Hanne Rysgaard milk bottle

Hanne Rysgaard

Last but not least the classic Johnson Brothers Blue Denmark which is still available in John Lewis. Johnson Brothers originates from the 1880’s in Stoke on Trent. Since 1968 it has operated as part of the Wedgwood group.

blue denmark

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