Designs for Children

I am always spotting great toys and other things for children in shops and on the internet and now it is time to post some of my finds here.

Because presents for children are mostly, fun, bright and sometimes amusing they are also fun to buy.. or just to look at:

Here are some of my favourites.

1) Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard, 1963. These are available at Twenty Twenty One on Upper Street (London). Not really for children at all brilliant.

2) Plush Rabbit Recycled Fabric, BEAST-TEE family by  Katkalandcreatures.

3) Book of Animals – Lion, Manufactured by Kids on Roof.

4) Jerry the Cat Lambswool Plush by Sara Carr

5) Toy Maxi Cooker, sink and cooker with hob. Available from After Noah as well as other places

6) Rowen and Wren, Wooden Interlock Animal Puzzles

Childrens Wooden Toys

Vitra Wooden Dolls, Alexander Girard, 1963


Twenty Twenty One Toys Book of Animals – Lion designed by Kids on Roof at twentytwentyone

Etsy Toy Cat

Jerry the Cat Lambswool Plush Made to order by saracarr

wooden animal toys for children

Wooden Interlock Animal Puzzles

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