Beautiful Glassware by Susan Sinclair

I recently went to an exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery in Somerton of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. I saw some beautiful coloured glass vessels and plates there which I just wanted to take home with me on the spot!. The glassware was the work of Somerset based artist Susan Sinclair. Susan creates both vessels and art panels from glass and ‘takes inspiration from the colour combinations she finds in the natural world and her background in archaeology, specifically the development of pottery and porcelains’.

The work can be bought though through her website or though the Courthouse Gallery in Somerton, Somerset. If you would like to see examples of her work, her next exhibition will be at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen exhibition “Somer Saete – People of Summer Pastures” in the Courthouse Gallery in Somerset which runs from the 17th June to the 17th August.


Scroll down for some example of her work;

Glass Bowl




Glass bowl

Rainbow 2

Susan Sinclaire Glassware

Rainbow 1

glass vase


Susan Sinclaire Somerset


Coloured Glass


Susan Sinclaire Glassware

Starry Night

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