Carl and Karin Larsson

A book on this swedish couple sat in my mums house for a long time. I occasionally had a quick look but it was not until recently that I sat down and read it properly. Carl Larsson is described (in the book) as ‘Sweden’s best-loved artist’ and has had a hugh influence on the mega shop Ikea.

If you google Carl Larsson you will find lots of paintings, drawings and photos but here I have scanned the images from the actual book I have which is edited by M.Snodin and E.S – Hidemark and titled ‘ Carl and Karin Larsson, Creators of the Swedish Style’.

Karl Larsson

Karl Larsson and Daughter Britta

Karin Larrson

Karin Larrson and Daughter Kirsti

Carl and and his wife Karin met in the 1880’s in France and in 1888 where given a house in Sundborn in central Sweden by her Father. Throughout the years they adapted and enlarged the house. Here is a sketch of it that Carl made early on (about 1889) describing it as ‘how it looked in all its rural plainness’. The image under this one was made later in 1894-5 showing new windows and an extension to the front.

Ikea Influence Larssons

Larsson House Early on

Swedish Art

Larsson House later on

Over the years the house changed on the outside and on the inside many furniture, paintings and  tapestries were added. Carl often painted furniture and it seems as if there was not a single flat surface left unpainted in the house!.  They had eight children who were often the subject of the paintings. Below are some paintings of the interior and some of the Larsson children.

Carl and Karin Larsson

Larsson House Interiors

Carl Larsson Children (three of the eight)

Larsson Children

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