Vanessa Bowman

I recently took an aimless stroll into Bath. When I walked past the Red Rag gallery I was struck by a painting in the window by Vanessa Bowman. The name is vaguely familiar and so were the paintings. Beautiful colours and compositions jumped off the wall so as soon as I was home looked her up – on the internet of corse. Vanessa Bowman works in oils, I was particularly intrigued by her still lifes. Many of which feature a jug of flowers on a table. Skewed perspectives enabling the top of a bowl or table to be seen even from a front on view. Here are a few of her paintings. All information and images taken from her website where you can also buy prints.

Artist working in oils

Vanessa Bowmen – White Orchid on Black Table



Vanessa Bowman – Summer Flowers and Grey Bowl

Artist Flowers Oils

Vanessa Bowman – Nasturtiums and Peaches

artist working in oils

Vanessa Bowman – Hellebores and Artichokes


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